Business Plan Writing $17,995
– Addressable Market Solution
– Company Overview
– Customer Problem Solution
– Value Proposition
– Competition
– Go to Market
– Revenue Model
– Team
– Intellectual Property
– Milestones and Use of Proceeds
– Financials
– Deal and Exit

Investor Due Diligence and/or Investor/Management Sponsored Marketing and Sales Model and Department Audits – price to be scoped accordingly 

Market Assessment Reports $6,995
– Macroeconomic Factors
– Economy
– Government
– Regulatory Environment
– Technology
Market Definition
– Market Size
– Market Trends

Brand/Communication/Messaging Plans $6,995

– Team Brand Exercise
– Tagline
– Vision/Mission
– Product Feature/Benefit Statements
– Positioning Statement
– Value Propositions
– Solution Sell Sheets

Go to Market Strategy Development, Advisory and Writing $11,995
– Set Objectives
– SWOT Analysis (Internal and External)
– Target Audience by Segmentation
– Buyer Motivation
– Product/Solution Set
– Overall Value Proposition
– Competition Matrix, Partnerships, Distribution, Pricing, Positioning

The prices above are suggested pricing only.
All projects will be scoped with the client
and include an actual statement of work.

Sales and Innovation Seminars for Team Building $7,995
Product Launch Plans $9,995
Business and Strategic/Corporate Plan Review $3995
Sales Coaching Starter Package $1995/8 hours and Option 2 $4995
Investor Deck Review and Advisory $1395
Voice of Market Meeting
(Primary Data) 
$1995 per meeting
Mentoring/Advisory/Coaching $275 per hour


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