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Recommended Sales Methodology Books

Title Author/Creator Summary
CustomerCentric Selling Bosworth & Holland CustomerCentric SellingTM shows salespersons how to differentiate themselves and their offerings by appealing to customer needs, steering away from making one-way presentations and toward having meaningful and goal-oriented conversations.  It provides step-by-step directions to help sales professionals:

  • Transform sales calls into interactive conversations
  • Position their offerings in relation to buyer needs
  • Facilitate a more consistent customer experience
  • Achieve shorter sales cycles
  • Integrate sales and marketing into a cooperative, cross-functional team

CustomerCentric SellingTM details a trademarked sales process that incorporates dozens of elements, skills, and sequences into a coherent and proven methodology. By teaching a specific yet innovative model for selling big ticket, often-intangible products and services, it shows sales professionals and executives how to make the seller-buyer relationship far less adversarial, and take selling to a higher level.

Selling to VITO Anthony Parinello Selling To VITO (The Very Important Top Officer) points out some critical elements in writing letters and making phone calls to VITO. The author also mentions many useful hints when you are doing business with VITO.
Solution Selling Michael Bosworth Solution Selling teaches how to sell everything from shoes to software. IBM recommends this book as the definitive guide to their sales strategy. Bosworth provides numerous examples, case studies, and most importantly he explains and analyzes each of them.
Strategic Selling Miller Heiman The Strategic Selling® process helps organizations and individuals develop comprehensive deal strategies to win complex sales. It is especially helpful when selling solutions that require approval from multiple players on the buy-side before the deal can be closed.
Conceptual Selling Miller Heiman The Conceptual Selling® process helps organizations and individuals sell more effectively by aligning the way they sell to the way their customers buy. It is especially helpful for organizations transitioning from a product-led sale to a solution-led sale.
Spin Selling Neil Rackham British research psychologist Neal Rackham developed the “SPIN” selling system. At the heart of the system is a precisely defined sequence of four question types that enables the salesperson to move the conversation logically from exploring the customers’ needs to designing solutions, or to in Rackham’s terms, to uncover Implied Needs and develop them into Explicit Needs that you, the salesperson, can resolve.
The New Solution Selling Keith Eades The New Solution Selling states that the formula for success is: Pain x Power x Vision x Value x Control =Sale. While the formula is deceptively simple, the implementation can be rather complex. This book helps salespeople focus on the customer’s “pain” and stresses the importance of providing a solution that not only stops the pain, but also adds value. Eades makes this process manageable by providing readers with a logical, well thought out plan, supplemented with many “real-life” and fictitious examples. This is accomplished through by a method that consists of (1) a philosophy (the customer is the focal point), (2) a map (getting from where you are to where you want to be) , (3) a methodology (with tools, job aids, techniques and procedures), and (4) a sales management system (process to increase productivity).
ROI Selling Nick & Koenig While basic sales methodologies instruct salespeople on the nuts and bolts of the sales process-who to approach in an organization, when to ask questions, and what to ask-ROI Selling takes them to a new level. Using a unique “”360 Degree Measurement”” technique, this guide provides practical tools for turning valuable customer feedback into a compelling case for their products and services.
Baseline Selling Dave Kurlan Baseline Selling is an improved explanation of how to do consultative selling. In this approach to selling, the salesperson’s job is to locate prospects who have perceived and unperceived needs that the salesperson can convincingly demonstrate that the salesperson’s company can serve better than competitors.
Value Selling Julie Thomas ValueSelling Driving Up Sales One Conversation At A Time is a guidebook for sales executives and managers striving to compete more effectively. Author Julie Thomas shares a simple yet powerful framework for sales. Written for sales professionals who compete in the most demanding worldwide sales arenas complex, high-end products or services readers in all sales environments will find ValueSelling relevant and easy to absorb. Each chapter focuses on specific strategies to move the sale forward. Filled with case studies, tactics and tips.
Selling with Integrity Sharon Drew Morgen Introduces a fresh approach to the art of selling—where the buyer’s needs count for more than the seller’s.  Introduces the “Buying-Facilitation” technique, based on mutual respect, collaboration, trust, honor, and service.  Shows sellers how to find appropriate buyers and weed out inappropriate ones quickly, vastly reducing the sales cycle.  Schematic drawings, case studies, and “skill sets” help the reader master the author’s sales approach
Inside the Tornado Geoffrey Moore Inside the Tornado, the long-awaited sequel to Crossing the Chasm bySilicon Valleymarketing strategist Geoffrey Moore, follows its predecessor as required reading material for today’s leading business schools and industry luminaries. The book focuses on the market dynamics of hypergrowth, with a behind-the-headlines look at how companies such as Microsoft and Netscape capture dominant market shares and leap into prominence.