“I  would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Debra Chanda. As the VP of Marketing & Sales at Adagen Medical, I have known Debra for approximately ten years and feel that Debra was one of our strongest and most creative employees. Debra joined our organization as a contracted marketing professional. Demonstrating an incredible initiative and a strong dedication, she moved and impressed the management of Adagen Medical greatly. After only six months, she was promoted to VP of Marketing. Debra was extremely instrumental to the success of Adagen Medical.”

Terry Harvey, President, Adagen Medical

“I worked with Debra to gain insight as to weaknesses in our company’s business plan while she sought outside fundraisers. She provided excellent guidance throughout the process, highlighting what we needed in order to become an “A-player” in fundraising circles. She was genuinely involved in the process, treating our company to no less effort than if it were her own.”

Gordon Smith, Strategic Physicist at DSER Strategy Group, Bowling Green, Kentucky

“Ms. Chanda is an exceptional marketing and business development officer. Highly recommended.”

Stephen E. Arnold, Owner, Arnold IT

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