What is Sales Coaching?

Real – Time, Personalized Executive Marketing and Sales Coaching for Emerging Growth Companies and their CEO’s or VP’s

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We work with you to make more sales happen in a planned and quantifiable fashion so that you go on to spearhead the Sales and Marketing operation in your organization.

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Problem Statement:  most start-ups and growing SME’s lack internal resources (FTE’s) with Executive Marketing, C-Suite Selling, Sales Management and Hunter Mentality Experience and Ethos.

Target Audience: Technologists/Researchers who are CEO’s and also spearhead the sales efforts.

  • Limited bandwidth and sales experience, but need to be the Chief Sales Officer
  • Don’t plan efficiently for first customer meeting, follow up and next steps in the sales cycle
  • Need a first customer as a proof point to be attractive to a Series A investor –VALIDATION

Technologists who are great at building product but lack market related skills to better define their offering from a market fit perspective and long term customer relationships.

  • Assumption around building interesting prototypes, products or services equals customer attraction and retention – EFFICIENCY

Companies who require sales coaching, market intelligence interpretation, rapid staffing of a sales and marketing department – SCALE

  • Quarterly sales targets are being missed, competitive share is being lost, new reps need to be hired and trained; however, no defined hiring practices including key performance indicators, third party testing and on boarding best practices for new hires
  • What does marketing do?  How do I structure this job and position? How does marketing drive sales for today and the future?

Companies dedicated to scaling their business into the USA marketplace.